CRM without the clutter, built for DNN

What is it?

Tribalhut CRM is a DotNetNuke module that lets you know who you talked to, what was said, and what needs to happen next.

Who is it for?

Anyone who deals with people generates a lot of information, TribalHut CRM helps you easily organize the cause.

Why use it?

Keep all your customer information in one spot. Stay focused on your deals, organize your projects and ensure timely follow-up.

Manage Your Contacts

Every contact and company gets its own page. You and your team can post notes from calls, conversations, meetings, emails or any information related to a contact.


Track Your Deals

Stay on top of which deals are pending, which you've won and which you've lost. Add notes about the deals, attach related files and keep track of any changes.


Project Collaboration

Use projects organize your self or collaborate with team members. Create support cases, or just to group related stuff together.


Email Notifications

Email Notifications Keep everyone engaged. Receive email notifications when one of your entities is updated, a task is assigned or your notes are commented.


Organize Your Tasks

Tasks help you stay organized. Assign tasks to yourself or others. Add categories in-line (i.e. follow up, email, etc) for quick reference. When done just check them off.


Keep Detailed Notes

Document, collaborate, communicate. Add notes to any entity in TribalHut; your contacts, companies, deals and projects. Then others can comment your notes.


Import Users from DNN

Import Users from your DotNetNuke Portal and automatically create contacts.


Manage Documents

Add as many attachments as you need in-line to your notes and comments. This applies to any entity; your contacts, companies, deals and projects.


Keeps you informed

The Dashboard is your high level view of the latest activity and your upcoming tasks. You can quickly add new contacts and tasks or search your contacts.

More Features

100% Responsive Design

Fully responsive using Bootstap 3, a cross all of mobile devices.

Fresh and Clean Design

Enjoy the beauty of the flat design. It looks clear and clean in your eyes.

Import from Excel File

Create an excel file as the sample document. Import it and all contacts will be created.

Try for Yourself & See

Create a free account for instant access... free trial demo


TribalHut CRM delivers the broad functionality needed to manage the wide network of contributors and roles that may interact with contacts/customers of any size organization. Typical users include developers, sales reps/teams, small business, marketing professionals, designers, service companies and anyone who has contacts or customers.


Anyone who deals with people generates a lot of information, TribalHut CRM helps you easily organize the cause. Keep all your contacts, leads, customers and companies in one spot. Stay focused on your deals, organize and document your projects and ensure timely followup.


  • Organize your contacts & relationship
  • Track your deals & increase sales
  • Create Projects & stay organized
  • Ensure your tasks get done on time


  • Leverage prior experience
  • Stay on top of tasks & commitments
  • Stay organized & increase collaboration


  • Ajax used throughout module
  • Google style auto complete searching
  • Add tags, categories, & more on the fly
  • Minimalistic, task driven interface